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Team Ranks



The administrators manage MineCom. They plan the program, add new features, hire new team members and have the final say in every important decision.

  • The rights of an administrator include:
  • Unrestricted access to all forums
  • Moderation rights in the entire board (forums, blogs, profiles, etc.)
  • Assignment of (warnings)
  • Editing and deleting posts in the Shoutbox
  • Locking users
  • Editing of user data (names, email addresses, signatures, avatars, etc.)
  • Add new team members e.g. developers and level 2/3 users
  • Creating new forums, editing and deleting existing forums
  • Access to all private messages




Moderators are responsible for all forums to which no local moderator is assigned. Moderators take care of reported posts in unmoderated forums, as well as reported private messages, handle your complaints in the Complaint Area, and carry out bans requested by moderators. If you have a problem with one of the other moderators, a general question, or if you stumble across an extremely inappropriate post that needs immediate attention, you can contact one of the Global Moderators.

  • The rights of a global moderator include
  • Access to certain private or internal forums.
  • Moderation rights in the entire board (forums, blogs, profiles, etc.)
  • Assignment of (warnings)
  • Editing and deleting posts in the Premium Shoutbox
  • Editing Surveys
  • Locking users




Helper monitor the forums to which they are assigned. They take care of your reported posts, but they are also your contact person in case you have any problems. Helper are also responsible for posts made on user profiles. Contrary to what many users believe, Helper cannot block anyone! Helper also have no access to user data (email addresses, IP addresses, etc.).

The rights of a Helper include:
Access to certain private or internal forums, including the complaint area
Moderation rights in the forums
Assignment of (warnings) (global)
All premium advantages, including access to the shoutbox and the respective forums
Global moderation rights on user profiles and in user groups
Global rights for editing tags




Developers are basically working on updates and improvements for the software that runs on our servers. Therefore, people with this rank also have considerable access rights. This includes access to some internal discussion forums and to software repositories where we store and maintain the source code of our self-developed extensions for our forum software. This is also the reason why you cannot formally apply for this rank. Instead, new developers are appointed by the forum administration if someone is deemed by them to be appropriately competent and trustworthy.


Special Ranks



This prestige rank is only awarded to partners and special financial supporters. This rank is awarded individually to selected users and comes without fixed criteria.








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