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  1. Once there was fair lady named jane. she died, the end =)
  2. Cadet.mp4 Map 4 releases on June 19th (Friday) @ 3PM EST! Server IP: play.cadetgaming.com Server Website: https://www.cadetgaming.com/ Discord: https://www.cadetgaming.com/discord We are semi op faction server with many custom features and an amazing staff team. Our community is the backbone of our server as we continue to strive to become one of the top Minecraft faction servers. Currently, in 2020, our op faction server needs staff as we have just reset our factions server. With a brand-new factions map and factions reset, we are introducing a flat nether and flat end world onto our
  3. 895003979_DestructionofLManbergWilbursPOVStreamHighlight-BlueConvert_com.mp4
  4. Nitro Services What we are offering -Server Admin/Management Services - Plugin Configuration- Website Developement - Custom Services Why Choose Us? I know i have had a bad past, but i have worked my best to improve myself. so why not give me another shot! Cheap: We offer our services at very cheap prices! Reliable Your probaly not gonna belive me due to my horrid past but i have grown and learned from mistakes. Fast I have very quick times and can get your order done within 2-3 days Friendly i treat my customers with resp
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