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1.1 Do not promote or encourage the violation of any of our rules or TOS.

      1.1.1 Do not joke about or falsely confess to having violated our rules or TOS.

1.2 Do not abuse the reports/chat-reports/scam-reports/support ticket system.

      1.2.1 Do not report members/content for a reason which has already been denied.

1.3 Do not create multiple accounts. Each member is allowed one personal.

1.4 Do not disrespect, harass, hate on, or troll another person or group.

      1.4.1 Do not post content whose sole purpose is to degrade or disturb the peace of another member or person.

1.5 Do not impersonate another member, person, or company, or otherwise misrepresent yourself.

1.6 Do not post content which is extremely low in quality, irrelevant, redundant, unnecessary, or meaningless.

      1.6.1 Do not post content to which a reaction could have been substitute, or which was already made apparent.

      1.6.2 Do not post content whose only purpose is to bump a thread.

1.7 Do not post content in a language other than English or without an English translation unless consented and limited to private conversation.

1.8 Do not post content intended to mislead, lure, or shock users.
      1.8.1 Do not false advertise, post screamers, promote clickbait, or rickroll.

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